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  • WHEEL You or Won't You?

  • The BIG Bird Burn

  • Partner Stretch

  • Beginners 4 Class Series

All classes detailed below are available through our payment options detailed on our Class Rates page.

Beginners Yoga (Non-Heated)

Yoga for the absolute beginner

New to yoga or simply coming back to body movement...this is it!  Let us introduce you to yoga through a sequence designed to create healthy range of motion in all your joints, strengthen your core, connect you to your foundation for balance, and revitalize your energy for everyday life!  Use gentle yoga as access to Power Yoga Basics or as your yoga practice to a healthier, happier YOU...your CHOICE.

Power Flow

all levels

Flow into your most powerFULL inner YES in this Power Yoga class based on the Journey into Power sequence.  Power Flow is a 60-75 minute class based on the sequence and methodology of Baptiste Power Yoga.  Create shift through the teachings of the 5 Pillars of Baptiste Yoga and the embodied experience of being on your mat-in your body.   The transformation you desire is possible through our heated room (85-90 degrees), your breath, bandha, and drishti.  It is fun, sweaty, and will challenge you in a safe, empowering environment.  ALL LEVELS are welcome!


Power Yoga Basics

beginners to experienced


The POWER is WITHIN YOU!  The 'basic' class is for the student building their foundation in power vinyasa yoga or for the seasoned yogi to re-root and extend out. Purify your body and mind in this gently heated room at 80 degrees.  In a 60 minute flow you will strengthen, stretch, open, and detox to create a new connection to the POWER WITHIN YOU.


ROCK Your Flow

go with what you know

Let go and practice what you know.

Come flow, laugh, and connect with a sequence and playlist created to bring vitality to life! 


Happy Hips

beginners to experienced

A Baptiste Yoga class designed to create Happy Hips.  Each class will heat you up with a focus on strengthening your hips to open them up!  If your hips haven't budged in a while, come work in a whole new way and receive Happy Hips.

Create Your Practice

Align your intentions and body to expand on and off the mat

This 60 minute class is intended for the student that needs a much slower physical practice and focus on the body mechanics that regenerate a healthy body.  Start right where you are with modifications that allow you to move in new ways to regain strength and range of motoion.  This class is for those (but not limited to!) with chronic back pain, arthritis, recovering from injuries, or just plain seddentary and ready to move again!  We will break down the basics of Baptiste Methodology and specific poses each week to CREATE YOUR PRACTICE.  Come grow with us!

Yoga for College Students

a class just for you, IF you are a college student!

10 Reasons to join one of our Young Adult Teachers for a class designed specifically and ONLY for College Students:

1.  It involves no sense of time, urgency, or competition: three things that seem to regulate all other life activities.
2. The instructor will probably tell you that you are A. perfect and B. loved. Who wouldn’t want to hear that?
3.  Your phone is miles away (okay, maybe just a few feet), silenced, and completely out of mind.
4.  It doubles as a girls’ night out if you invite some of your closest friends.
5.  It’s the one place where curling up into a ball is considered appropriate and acceptable; it’s actually given a name, Child’s Pose.
6.  You learn that even if you are wobbling around and falling all over the place, no one is there to judge you.
7.  There are mats on the floor and it’s fine to fall asleep, so it’s basically nap-time for college kids, right?
8.  You may take some wisdom with you. (“You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience,” became my new favorite mantra after attending a single yoga class at school.)
9.  Have you ever started any college lecture with an “Om” or ended it with a “Namaste?” Yeah, me neither.
10.  While most activities at school add stress and anxiety, yoga is here to relieve it.


move and cultivate self love

Cultivate self love through the actions of yoga in this 60 minute flow class intended for all levels of practitioners.

"Love is not something we give or get, it is something that we nurture and grow". Awaken your heart and mind with a class grounded in the foundational practices of Big Rock Yoga while moving to an eclectic playlist.