Big Rock Yoga Founder




  • E500 RYT Hour Teacher
  • B.A. Business, Hendrix College
  • Founder Big Rock Yoga
  • Founder Big Rock Yoga 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Trainings
  • Founder Big Rock Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training for Mental Health and Medical Professionals
  • Minding Our Business corporate consultant
  • Big Rock Outreach

Wendy Cook

Founder and Owner

Wendy practices what she teaches on a daily basis. The Big Rock Yoga Methodology is the result of her almost twenty years on a mat and 50 years in life! She teaches varying styles of classes of all levels to meet students exactly where they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her passion is empowering others through the Big Rock Methodology to lead an intentional life with no limits as a service to self and others! While she is a grounded, playful leader in her power vinyasa yoga classes, many classes are led with full respect that some of us are just not in a playful mood and simply need the space to feel and heal. 

"Transformation is an ongoing process. I fully believe I can only give what I allow myself to receive.  That is why remaining a student of yoga and life is a central focus for me.  I sought to heal the physical and emotional impacts of a debilitating arthritis when I began my yoga practice. I chose to fully believe in miracles through faith, hope, and steadfast actions. From that choice I gained a renewed self trust. I have received a physical healing from years of acute and chronic back pain. I have received an ongoing emotional healing through a daily mindfulness practice that allows me to identify and release negative thoughts. My life is now abundantly rich in relationship with myself and others through the gift of empowerment a disciplined yoga practice gives. I have a connection to a loving, divine spirit and practice staying open to that source on a moment by moment basis.  The joy and empowerment I teach others through yoga is the result of my own life struggles teaching me compassion and forgiveness. I believe joy and empowerment are the result of compassion and forgiveness. And, it is my responsiblity to choose a daily yoga practice that leads to positive actions towards myself and others."

 Wendy currently leads class, workshops, and Teacher Trainings at Big Rock Yoga. She created the Minding Our Business Methodology for mental health facilities and corporate wellness programs. She personally leads and staffs 10 weekly group therapy sessions at The Bridgeway. These sessions provide care for patients in substance abuse, dual diagnosis, psychosis, adolescents, and outpatient units. As a corporate constultant Wendy has created and led programs of varying depth, including 60-90 minute leadership trainings through mindfulness practices to a full 30 day Stress and Anxiety Mindfulness Program. Her private clients have included the UALR Mens Basketball team, Woodland Psychiatric Research Institute, and Simmons Bank.

In 2003, Wendy's first decade as a yoga teacher started in a local gym in East Texas. Over that decade she gained an expansive experience teaching private lessons, classes, and athletes that led to opening a local studio in 2011.  From 2013-2017, Wendy assisted a 200 Hour Teacher Training in Kenya, co-facilatated workshops at The Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, and led teacher trainings in Austin, Tyler, and Canada.  She developed the Big Rock Yoga Methodology and opened Big Rock Yoga January 31, 2014. Through the Big Rock Yoga Methodology Wendy has trained over 150 teachers in Arkansas.  

Wendy is a registered E200 RYT, E500 RYT, and CE Trainer through Yoga Alliance. Her studies over the last twenty years have been in depth with Baron Baptiste and Circle Yoga Shala. She is committed to continue her education in yoga therapy over the next several years.