Class Description and Levels


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Big Rock Yoga provides yoga for all levels of students. Our classes are designated with a Level 0,1,2, or 3. Some classes are designated with a range, examples: L1-L2, L1-L3. Classes designated with a range will be taught with options appropriate for those levels identified. While it is a tiered level of classes for the beginner to experienced, we highly recommend a blend of the levels for a balanced body, mind, and soul once you create a regular schedule of 2-5 classes a week. The levels are defined below:

L0: Level zero classes are for those who have been sedentarty for years, those with injuries, or those living with chronic diseases. These classes are our gentlest classes with very detailed instruction based on the needs of the students. Chair yoga is an option for those with balancing concerns. If you believe you cannot move, we invite you to shift your viewpoint of what movement is and join us for what will leave you feeling lifted and GOOD!

L1: Level one classes are for those that currently have no physical injuries and are in healthy physical condition. You will find accessibility whether you currently exercise or not. These classes are great for those that prefer a slower class with very detailed verbal instructions. Learn the actions of your body while learning the details of yoga alignment to begin your yoga practice; or to balance your regular practice with more focus on foundation, alignment, and longer holds.

L2: Level two classes move you in a flow style class that is intended for all levles of students. Level 2 classes give clear instructions (while less than level 1) to guide you through a class intended to move you more vigorously, increase your strength and flexibility, and have some fun with playing with more complex yoga poses. L2 classes also give more space for the student to access the power of their breath and creativity of their own practice, while the teacher guides the room as a commUNITY.

L3: Level three classes are our most intense classes, both physically and mentally, intended for the experienced yoga practicioner. Students that participate must have a solid personal knowledge of foundation, structural alignment, core strength, and movement with breath. The teacher will lead both with clear instruction for skill work and "call and respond" by pose name only. Experienced students will find L3 classes as opportunities to continue growing their practice through the playfulness of advanced poses and the deeper movements necessary to access those poses.


Aging with Grace | Level 0

Aging with Grace is for anyone of any age with physical limitations due to injury, aging, chronic ilnesses, or God given at birth. The class intention is to teach the practice of meditation, basic movement, and open up a new viewpoint on life and ALL THE POSSIBILITY that is abundantly available. The group of students in the class receive equally from the movement and connecting with others with similar needs in life due the changes in their physical health.

The physical instructions focus on maintaining functional strength and flexibility to allow balance and healthy range of motion for everyday life. You will breathe with intention and move at your own ability. We have several members that participate through chair yoga.

Level 1 Educational and Instructional | Level 1

This class is for those that like to learn and then apply into action. It is also a perfect entry into the studio through a class that is designed educate and build your confidence. Learn the actions of your body while learning the details of yoga alignment to create yoga practice that gives you success. The teacher will educate you in an environment intended to offer yoga with no intimidation. Yoga often requires you to take a leap into the unknown and trust in new ways. Our teachers are here to support you in that leap of faith.  

Level one class is the gateway to Level 2 and 3. Create the knowledge, strength, and flexibility to enjoy a more experienced level class in the near future.

Yoga Basics for Beginners | Level 1

New to yoga, simply coming back to body movement, or balancing the intensity of your practice...this is it! Let us introduce you to yoga through a sequence designed to create healthy range of motion in all your joints, strengthen your core, connect you to your foundation for balance, and revitalize your energy for everyday life! Use the education and opening of your body to access our Power classes or combine with Restorative Flow and Power Vinyasa Yoga to create a healthier, happier YOU...your CHOICE.

Restorative Flow | Level 1

Restorative Flow is intended to move you through a gentle series of movement guided by your breath, gentle vinyasa flow, for 20-30 minutes. The remainder of class with be poses with longer holds intended to unwind your mind and body. While many of our other classes have a muscle strength building aspect, this class is intended for you to let go and unwind through your breath work, gentle movement, and longer holds on poses that open the body. It is a great compliment to Yoga Basics for Beginners and our Power Yoga classes.

Power Vinyasa Yoga | Level 1-2-3

Power Vinyasa Yoga is designed to move you through a series of poses linked to the rhythm of your breath. It will strengthen, tone, lengthen, and open you in all the places you need it most. With guided awareness you will place a healthy level of stress on the body and mind to create the growth and transformation you are seeking. The teacher will empower you through clear commands to create the vision you have for your yoga practice and life. Power Yoga is intended to give the mental and spiritual space you need for the balance in your well being through a stronger focus on breath. The teacher will open without music to create the breath connection, and has the creative choice of how to incorporate music that fits the purpose of the class that day.

Power Beats | Level 1-2-3

Power Beats is a power yoga class with a focus on the beat of the music, the depth of your practice, and a whole lot of fun. This class is creatively designed by each teacher's love for music, so there is a variety of music taste and movement! You need a solid personal knowledge of physical foundation, neutral pelvis, and structural alignment as we move with a more rigorous pace and fewer directional commands. It is intended to move you in a flow and cleanse you (physically and mentally)...and leave you lifted and ready for all life has to offer!

Yoga Blast | Level 2-3

These 30 and 45 minutes classes will move you like no other on our schedule. We aim to move your core in all ways possible...hips to shoulders, front to back, and side to side. The faster pace class will strengthen and tone your body like no other while still connecting movement to breath. It is designed to give you the stability in your body needed for increased flexibility to master the depth of advanced yoga poses. It's what we yoga geeks call a BLAST!

The BIG One | Level 2-3

This class comes with a warning! Be prepared to dig deep and sweat deep. As our commUNITY has grown our studio practice has evolved. This Saturday morning class has transformed as well! Students in this class are those that have a strong yoga practice inside and out. It is HOT. It moves with an ebb and flow of breath and music. It is fun, if you can let go and allow all that is possible while working from the truth of your body. Wendy has a way of giving you access to a grace and power you have never explored through the practice of yoga. AND, that same grace and power feeds into a transformed life. Come breath, move, play, and CONNECT to grace and our Big Rock commUNITY!