Private Yoga


Education and Inspiration in a 1 on 1 Environment

Why are private sessions beneficial?

There are times in your practice that you may decide you need the benefits of private sessions with you and one of the Big Rock Yoga teachers.  Private yoga is designed to give you the safe space to learn and explore the benefits of yoga. Beginners often use this mode to gain education and the confidence to enter the classroom. While, experienced yogis decide that they need private yoga to deepen their understanding and expand their practice.  

Executive and Professional Wellness Coaching

Executive and Wellness commitments with our founder, Wendy Cook, are available for those ready to commit to a minimum 8 session commitment. Wendy currently keeps a monthly schedule that includes 5-8 local CEO/Physicians in ongoing coaching sessions that include physical movement, mindfulness techniques, and a focus on what is most important for your overall wellness. While you may be the expert in your professional field, you may find it is time to explore other areas of your life to create some peace and fun in life. You may email or click the link below to check for availability.

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Private Rates:

Wendy Cook, Executive and Wellness Coaching

8 session $800

For your success in creating your goals and the demand for Wendy's schedule, she only takes client committed to 4x per month for a minimum of two months.

Wendy leads workshops on a variety of subjects to allow students access to her experience for a more economical option. Please check our events page for upcoming workshops and events.

Senior Staff

60 min session:  $70 single session

This is a great way for beginning or experienced students to work with one of our 500 Hour Certified Teachers to learn the basics or play with whatever is your current practice on the mat.  Book for recurring sessions or an individual session as needed.


60 min session: $50 single session

Our 200 Hour teachers can lead you as a beginner or experienced student at the most economic rate. These teachers have a passion and education to share with you that will leave you connected and ready for your next class or private session.


Private yoga sessions are to be coordinated with a specific staff member for a day and time the studio is available.  All private session sales are non-refundable. All sessions require a minimum of 24 hours to reschedule at no charge.  The session will be charged to client, if cancelled within less than 24 hours.