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Already Existing Automatic Listening

3.26.15 | By: Meghin Stumne

Happy Thursday Big Rock Yoga CommUNITY! I would like to inroduce Meghin Stumne as the author of this week's blog. I (Callie Smith) am currently in another internet cafe in Aqaba, Jordan. Tomorrow I'm going to Petra and Wadi Rum. Yesterday I floated in the Dead Sea and drove through the desert at night. The only life I saw for miles was some fire light from bedouin camps that dotted the desert. 

I am so happy that Meghin is sharing her thoughts with you this week. She is an incredible human being who is loving, hard working, humble, kind, ect...she is just all around wonderful. :) The topic of her blog post is automatic listening. She does a great job writing about how automatic listening influences our relationship with others and with ourselves. You can read more of Meghin's thoughts at meghinstumne.tumblr.com. All Good Things! Enjoy! :) callie 

Hey guys! My name is Meghin and I am doing energy exchange and teacher training at the studio! I first started getting into yoga when I was a freshman at Harding University. My friends and I would practice to home DVDs in the study rooms at night. I found that it was just what I needed to relieve stress from intense studies and get a good nights rest.In the March teacher training weekend we talked about Already Existing Automatic Listening. This topic has come up a couple of times during my time in the studio and I feel like it has finally landed with me.

An already existing automatic listening is a phrase or thought you repeatedly tell yourself multiple times throughout the day. Often times you don’t even realize you are doing it. I think that’s why it took so long for this concept to land completely with me. It took me a while to figure out what I was telling myself subconsciously and how it was playing out in my life.

I found my main automatic listening is: “You don’t understand me”

I came to this conclusion when thinking about how I interact with people. So it wasn’t so much of me sitting down thinking about my thoughts (whoa) because sometimes it is difficult to hear yourself saying these things.

I found that this automatic listening comes into play when I’m speaking passionately about something. I tend to talk and talk and talk on the subject. Probably repeating myself over and over as I try to get my point across (my poor husband lol) At the time I’m thinking I’m thinking (whoa again) “I want them to know how much this means to me” but what I’m ACTUALLY thinking is “They don’t/won’t understand me so I need to keep telling them more about _________ until they do.”

What I learned this weekend from my automatic listening and from the coaching I received is that when I do that, the impact of my words are lost. There is something powerful about being able to use essential language to speak clearly and directly.

More often than not, our automatic listenings prevent us from true connection with another human being.

If you are reading this and you have never thought about this concept or about the things you tell yourself that are hindering your relationships, I challenge you to take some time-however long you need-and discover what already existing automatic listenings you have. Being intentional with the things we tell ourselves can greatly influence our connection with others.

I wish you all a great Thursday! I would love to meet any of you who are reading this blog! I am in the yoga studio almost every day.