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Child's Pose: Connection to Our Own Little Infinity

7.30.15 | By: Callie Tahat

Hello Big Rock Yoga CommUNITY! I hope you have enjoyed the blog posts from Susan and Catherine the past two weeks If you haven’t checked them out yet, please go read them…..now. :)

This week I want to explore some thoughts I’ve had about child’s pose. This pose is my favorite pose to begin class with. I like how it brings each person into his or her own space. The eyes are close to the floor, the arms are on either sides of the ears—all of the sensory and physical energy is drawn inward. I love how the energy becomes intentional and focused in this pose. The center of the forehead, of the mind, connects with the earth. We can feel the slight warmth of our breathe which brings awareness to each inhale and exhale.

Child’s pose connects us not only to ourselves and the earth, but also to our childhood and the present moment. Visually, the shape of the body in child’s pose resembles that of a baby in the womb. The womb is the place of our physical beginnings. It may be a far-fetched idea, but I’d like to think that our bodies remember this shape from before entering the world. Whether we are conscious of this or not, there wisdom that this pose, this shape of our body, offers us. We submit to our own infinity and the infinite amount of time that has come before us, and will continue to come after us.

When I am in child’s pose, I like to think that there is something from my childhood that I can offer to my present moment, just as there is something from my present that I can offer to my childhood. Even though time has passed and continues to pass, I believe the past and the present are in a continuous dialogue with one another. The present moment helps me understand the past, just as the past helps me understand the present. Connecting with our childhood strengthens our relationship with ourselves and our self-knowledge. We have been with ourselves since the beginning, and will continue to be with ourselves until the end. If nothing else, there is comfort in knowing this.

Next time you come into child’s pose, enjoy the comfort of knowing that you know yourself. You’ve known yourself for a long time—-and every moment is an opportunity to connect or reconnect with your own little infinity.

All Good Things,