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Courageous Love

5.7.15 | By: Callie Smith

Happy Thursday Big Rock Yoga CommUNITY! I hope the first week of May is going beautifully for you. The sun is bright. The moon is full. I encourage us all to unroll our yoga mats and engage in a yoga practice that nourishes both our hearts and our bodies.
This week’s blog post is going to talk a little bit about the heart. There’s a poem by Rumi that speaks to an important truth of love.

“The deepest love is one with many difficulties./ Somebody who avoids those is not a real lover./ It takes great courage to do the dance of lovers./ A moment comes when love touches the soul./Then you must give up your life.”

The other day, I asked my partner, “What is something you believe I could master in my lifetime?” His answer was short and frustratingly simple. He said, “Love.”

At first, I brushed off his response. I thought he was just saying “love” as a way to avoid actually giving a “thoughtful” answer. But, then I noticed how sincere he looked and sounded. He seemed hurt that I doubted his sincerity and that I wasn’t satisfied with his response.

Over the past week, I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of mastering love. For someone to believe that I could master love in my lifetime is an immense and dearly sweet belief. Love is inarguably the greatest force in all of existence. While the concluding lines of Rumi’s poem may sound extreme, I agree that “when love touches the soul then you must give up your life.” Life is too attached to the physical world. The physical world is too fragile, shifting, and temporary. When we love, we wish to have that love always, but eternity stretches beyond our physical lifetime. This stretch into eternity appears daunting and impossible. This is why, as Rumi says, “It takes great courage to do the dance of lovers.”

Breaking through the physical world of life into the world of love is not comfortable or easy. Our physical bodies want to fight this journey with muscle, bone, and a shouting ego. In my own personal journey of surrendering my soul to love, I find myself fighting thoughts of doubt. Just as I doubted the sincerity of my partner’s response, I find myself doubting my own thoughts and feelings. I’ve noticed that I allow my doubt to manifest in destructive ways that are not only hurtful to myself, but to others. I create barriers by doubting my ability to both give and receive love. I recognize that my doubt comes from a place of fear. I use doubt as a way to protect myself from my fear of losing love. Often times, by “protecting” ourselves we limit ourselves. We engage in a dance of protective avoidance instead of a courageous dance of love.

I am thankful to have a partner that sees beyond my doubts and fears. I am making an intention to commit to a courageous dance with him and with everyone close to my heart. I wish to extend an invitation of love to all of you reading this blog. I believe that you are capable of mastering love that will exist beyond your physical lifetime. Let your heart accept this invitation, not your mind. The mind might be smart, but the heart is the only suitcase we can pack and carry with us as we journey from our physical world into the endless beyond of love.