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Do the Right Thing

8.6.15 | By: Callie Tahat

Happy Thursday Big Rock Yoga CommUNITY! I want to give a special thanks to those of you who joined me for both the non-heated and power flow classes on Tuesday morning. I am always so grateful and blessed to see each of you! I hope to keep seeing all of you, and that our little community can continue to grow! The best gift we can give the people we love in our lives is to invite them to do something happy and healthy for their bodies and minds! Keep coming and invite others!

When preparing to teach a class, I always put a lot of thought into the playlist—especially the song for savasana. I like to chose a song that will hopefully create some emotional connection and positive thought. Thanks to Spotify, I found the BEST little addicting song this past week: Divisionary (Do The Right Thing) by Ages and Ages.

Here's a link to a youtube video of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIShuV7_KVw

Here’s the lyrics for the chorus:
“Do the right thing, do the right thing
Do it all the time, do it all the time
Make yourself right, never mind them
Don't you know you're not the only one suffering”

Whether we admit it or not, doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do. We are presented with so many choices and circumstances in our lives on a daily and minute-by-minute basis. It is our responsibility to make the best choice and take the best action for the best outcomes in all parts of our life—big and little. Doing the right thing not only applies to our interactions with others, but also with ourselves.

Do The Right Thing for Ourselves:
Sometimes, I have really harmful thoughts about myself. I allow myself to get overwhelmed by some dark emotion and begin to think that causing physical harm to myself is a good solution to the present problem. When I am in a normal, and happy state of being, the idea of getting a kitchen knife and cutting my arm seems crazy. But, when I’m in a really low state of mind, somehow it makes sense. The line from the song, “Don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering” really speaks to me. When we are in these negative, dark, and potentially harmful state of mind, it is important to remind ourselves that “we are not the only one suffering.” Admittedly, there are times to wallow in self-pity—but the forward-moving and productive action to take is to remember that “i’m not the only one suffering.” Once we shift our thoughts away from ourselves, and think of others, we tend to find a better purpose. We realize that our self-wallowing behavior isn’t doing anybody, especially ourselves, any good.

Do The Right Thing For Others (And Beyond):
As I said earlier, every moment and every circumstance presents us with a choice. We can decide to what is right or what is wrong. This choice can be as simple as telling the store clerk that he/she gave you too much change back and correcting it, or returning your friend’s gym shorts that you borrowed—even if she forgot you borrowed them. Sometimes, doing the right thing extends to a situation involving many people. Maybe a group of co-workers are talking bad about another worker during lunch. Instead of contributing to the back-biting, you make the choice to direct the conversation to something positive, or do something to stop the negative talking all together. Other times, doing the right thing requires that we make the right decision even when no one is watching. Say for example you live next to a peach orchard, and you decide that the farmer won’t notice if you pick a basket of peaches from a tree on the far-side of the orchard. Okay, so the examples are endless—but the message is DO THE RIGHT THING! Call that long-lost friend or relative and ask for forgiveness. Pay the person that lent you $200 dollars. Show up to work on time. Spend time with grandparents and parents. Don’t hurt your body—do something productive with your arms instead of cutting them. Be honest with your money. Be honest with your time. Be right with yourself. Be right with others. Do good….and do right....(and of course, I highly recommend doing yoga :) )

All Good Things,