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Embracing Energy Sensitivy

4.30.15 | By: Callie Smith

Happy Thursday Big Rock Yoga CommUNITY! After many days away, I am happy to find myself back home with my community of family and friends. During teacher training this past weekend, we went digging for crystals, made dream catchers, and explored the power of touch by learning different massage techniques. Each of these activities made us aware of our energy fields and the energy surrounding us. Most of us in teacher training identify as being energy sensitive. An energy sensitive person is strongly affected by the energy of others and by the energy of the environment.

As a lifelong energy sensitive person, I recognize both the benefits and the struggles of my awareness. I value how my awareness gives me a strong sense of empathy, but I also know that I can become overwhelmed and emotionally collapse. While there is an abundance of positive energy in the world, there is also an overwhelming amount of negative energy.

Within each of our beings, we have the power to manifest both positive energy and negative energy. Unfortunately, the ego fuels our human nature to compete, to judge, to overanalyze, to doubt, to underestimate, etc… If we only had to worry about our own ego and our own minds, then we might be able to overcome the negative energy in our lives, but each of us have relationships with parents, partners, friends, and acquaintances that contribute to external sources of energy that influence us.

Last Wednesday, I was in the Chicago international airport waiting for my connection flight to Little Rock. I had just gotten off an 11 hour flight, waited in long lines, gone through international security, paid ridiculously expensive prices for a bottle of water and a protein bar, and needed to wait four hours until my next flight. I was buzzing with the various energies I was absorbing and experiencing around me. There were crowds of hurried, tired, grumpy, and stressed-out faces walking around me. For a moment, I wanted to collapse and unload all of my negative energy on my partner, Ahmad. I became whinny and agitated and tried to victimize myself. I could sense his own frustration building and multiplying as he watched me react so negatively. After I realized what I was doing, I did my very best to pull myself out of my negative, self-pitying funk. Ahmad didn’t deserve for me to unload my negative energy on him. I realized that I was contributing to the negative energy of the environment that had encouraged my negativity in the first place. Even though it was challenging, I took a deep breath, looked at Ahmad and apologized for my behavior. I told him that I was reacting to my own selfish thoughts and needs instead of honoring the present moment, and disassociating myself with negativity. He started laughing at my confession. I started laughing. Instead of being torn apart and frustrated at each other in this situation, we were strengthened and found unity.

Being an energy sensitive person is a gift to embrace. Instead of seeing energy sensitivity as something that challenges us, we should instead consider energy sensitivity as something that makes us accountable to our spiritual and physical presence in the world. Just as trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, we can take what we absorb and and release something beautiful and life giving. Also, we can choose not to absorb and react to negative energy. We should empower ourselves with the ability and choice to distinguish between that which serves our being, and that which depletes it. If you are an energy sensitive person, then you already have evidence that you have a divinely inspired purpose in this life. Instead of seeing your awareness as a burden or obstacle in life, trust your awareness to bring you further along your path to a peaceful, love-filled, and enlightened life.

All good things,

Callie Smith