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Best of 2015: How Yoga creates HAPPY Right Where You Are: Point A

9.16.2015 | By: Wendy Cook

I feel sorry for Point A.

Everyone wants to move towards Point B.

So few want to stay in point A.


Why???  Lets face it.  The hustle to get from Point A(where we are) to Point B(where we think the perfect life exists) is exhausting emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Waking up day-by-day wishing for a life other than the one we are living just plain sucks. Literally.  Living a life we disapprove of sucks our energy. Sucks our ability to connect with divinity.  Sucks our ability to connect with others.  Sucks our ability to BE HAPPY.


What if Point A is perfectly imperfect and all we need is a shift in our vision right where we are -Point A- to see the infinite beauty in all that exists right where we are?


The biggest shift in my life happened when I accepted my life–my personal Point A as it is and as it is not. As Beautiful. As Ugly. As Powerful. As Disconnected. As Graceful. As Alone. And I quit the hustle to get to Point B.


Life -Point A- as it is and as it is not gives access to the shift.


Yes.  I said “shift”.  That is the crazy thing about how this universe works.  It’s right at that moment when we drop our resistance-right where we are, just as we are in our Point A- that all that is possible in growth, expansion occurs.


So, what does resistance look like?

For me, it is more like what does resistance sound like?  It is critical, judgmental, and lacks appreciation for what actually exists.  Resistance has a voice that wants me to change all things externally rather than live in gratefulness for all that I feel.  For me resistance to life sounds like:

 “I am not that smart.”:  Which results in me seeking another option rather than make an effort that might result in failure.


“I’ll do it later.”:  Which results in me quitting rather than make an effort that might be messy.


“I don’t belong here(extrapolate to anywhere).”:  Which results in me seeking another place to be rather than risk someone rejecting me.


“I am fat.”: Which results in me seeking another way to eat and exercise to change my perceived imperfect body.


“It’ll be better tomorrow, next week, next year…anytime but now.”:  Which leaves me unhappy, discontent, and situationally depressed.


STOP the endless journey to perfect Point B (Point B does not exist!).

 If you want to STOP the hustle and exhausting search for Point B and find acceptance and HAPPY in Point A, identify your resistances.  Create a practice of listening to your internal dis-empowering self talk and identify it’s impact.


            1. What are your…

                        “I am ___________________.”

                        “I will ____________________.”

                        “I can’t ___________________.”


            2. And what is the impact each one has on your life?***


The shift to HAPPY in Point A:


Grow the new “muscle” to listen.  Grow the new “muscle” to really hear yourself.  (Yoga grows muscles beyond the yoga butt!)  And every time you hear the dis-empowering self talk restate your self talk in a dialogue that is purposeful for yourself and what you are up to in this world.***


Living in Point A is a practice.  It will always be a practice on a moment-by-moment basis. I can now hear the voice that says move on to Point B, identify my resistance to where I am, and intentionally create a shift into acceptance of Point A.


My shift into lack of resistance and living in Point A:

“I am not that smart.” is now “I am smart and attract intelligent people.”-


“I’ll do it later.” is now “Now is the perfect time to do it.”


“I don’t belong here(extrapolate to anywhere)” is now “I am connected to anyone and everyone.”


“I am fat.” Is now “I have an amazing body created by grace.”


“It’ll be better tomorrow, next week, next year…anytime but now.” Is now “It is perfectly imperfect right now.”


YES...Perfectly Imperfect.  My new dialogue does not create perfection.  It gives me the permission to be in action.  Permission to succeed. Permission to fail.  Permission to complete goals. Permission to be messy.  Permission to have new relationships.  Permission to screw up relationships.  Mostly…permission to live in Point A rather than in the exhausting search of the unattainable Point B.


 Give yourself permission to live in Point A.  Quit fighting your life.  Give up the resistance.  Rewrite your dis-empowering self talk and create your HAPPY at Point A--your life.*** 


It is your choice to choose acceptance-life as it is and as it is not-and find HAPPY.



***YES.  Listen and actually write out your dis-empowering self talk to begin the shift.  Then write out your purposeful self talk to create a lack of resistance.  And practice, practice, practice empowering yourself to live HAPPY in your life as it is and as it is not.





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