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Best of 2015: The Art of Transformation Through Vision and Concentration

6.23.15 | By: Wendy Cook

The following blog was written as an article for the July issue of  http://www.ozarkmountainyogamagazine.com 

Create your world with the seriousness of a child at play.  Really! Think about a time that you watched a young child focused on their work at play.  Whether on a playground or an art project, a child’s passion for self expression fuels the intensity needed to focus and complete the task at hand in a vibrant way of being.


There was a time in my adult life where I was so focused on leading life as I thought the world envisioned for me, that like many adults I lost that child like passion for self-expression and was not showing up for the world as I desired.  I lacked the vitality of a child at play in my daily life.  I had a good life and had worldly successes.  AND, to regain that child like love for life I needed a new vision created from within myself with the cultivated focus to bring that vision to life.


My vision in 2002 was a healed body through the practice of yoga.


There are many different reasons one starts a yoga practice.  We come to lose weight, heal aching joints, gain flexibility, balance blood pressure, and lower life’s stresses to name just a few.  Whatever the reason, at that moment we step into action and onto the yoga mat, we as an individual have a vision of the desired change.  In Baptiste Yoga we call that the moment we are a “YES”.  We see and believe the vision of a healthier person as a possibility.


It is stated in The Four Agreements, “…to really change your beliefs you need to focus your attention on what it is that you want to change.”  What are you a “YES” for?


In 2002, I knew I was a YES for a pain free body.  AND, I had the intensity and passion of a child at play to create it.  Being a “YES” is a creation not a concept.  Being a YES means to put your attention on what you want to create and be for it in action.


“Fixing the consciousness on one point or region is concentration(dharana).” Yoga Sutra III.1 as translated by BKS Iyengar


My fixed concentration on this healing has resulted in a pain free body.  I cultivated this concentration one drishti at a time on my yoga mat.  It seems silly even to me at times, but learning within my physical yoga practice to place my external vision on one point at a time with precise attention gave me the ability to keep my attention on my goal of physical healing.  One drishti at a time gave me the tenacity to show up one practice at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time until the healing I envisioned became a reality.


Keeping a fixed concentration also requires Giving Up What You Must, the second theme of Baptiste Yoga.  Releasing your doubts and fears that limit you from past successes aligns you with the abundance of Divine Energy.  I chose to give up my limiting self dialogue of “This is the way it is at my age”.  I chose to get out of my way and allow a Divine Energy to be active in my transformation on the mat and in my life.  It was a daily practice to concentrate and bring awareness to the limiting self dialogue to release it one moment at a time.


Creating a vision and the practice of concentration within your physical practice gives you the ability to bring the art of transformation into your world.  


In my own practice of yoga and within our Big Rock Teacher Training we use vision boards to co-create our life.  At first glance this seems simple.  Pull out the art supplies-magazines, scissors, poster boards, glue, etc.  However, before the arts and crafts take place, we have done the work of transforming our personal views of our lives and the world we live in through the 3 Themes of Baptiste Yoga.   The vision boards become a physical creation of that personal transformation that we now believe in through our experience on our yoga mat.

Transform you life through vision, concentration, and your physical practice:

  • Know your YES.  See yourself as the change you desire to be.
  • Give Up What You Must.  Cultivate the tenacity for concentration to stay in the process of your desired result by releasing your fears.
  • And the third theme of Baptiste Yoga, YOU ARE READY NOW.


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