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Best of 2015: The INTENTION of Yoga: Co-creating Miracles

10.28.15 | By: Wendy Cook

I am a goal-oriented person. I graduated with honors in high school.  I graduated from an academically competitive college. I became successful in the telecommunications industry. It works. See a vision.  Determine the tasks necessary.  Carry out the tasks.  Experience the results. The success.


Like you, I know many others that are successful goal-oriented people.  With so many of us successful with completing our goals why is there so often a lack of ease, fun while carrying out the tasks?  A lack of long lasting contentment when the goal is achieved? A sense of needing the next goal to receive the feeling that was missing from the last successful goal achieved?


In my self-discovery through the practice of yoga over the last 13 years I found I had a misconception of the goal giving me the real result I was after.  An “aim at the end giving the result”.   A grass is always greener somewhere else.  After I do this.  After I accomplish that.


My goal practice looks something like:

  • “I’ll be happy and experience joy when I lose weight. “ I successfully lost the weight. I was still critical and lacked joy. 
  • “My back will quit hurting and heal when I strengthen my core and create a picture perfect warrior 1, triangle pose, bridge pose, any pose.”  The poses transformed.  I would still have back pain. 
  • “My relationships will strengthen and I will feel more connected when I am of more service to those around me.”  I gave. Generously. Relationships strengthened.  I was still left with a discontentment.


However successful the completion of many of my goals look, I was left empty.  The misconception that an outward achievement could leave me with an internal shift resulted in a lack of contentment. Dullness. Darkness. Aloneness. And at times depression.  It left me on a hamster wheel going in circles at the next goal that would yet achieve another external change lacking the internal shift I was really desiring.


Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

My teacher Baron Baptiste says that in yoga that is “taking your seat”.  Don’t wait to create the desired change through a goal-oriented task that will give it to you.  It won’t happen! Peace, connectedness, joy, freedom, feeling WHOLE do not come from making yoga poses, malas, winning the next marathon, completing the next degree or certificate, nor giving service. 


So how do we come into peace, connectedness, joy, freedom, feeling WHOLE if it’s not from what we are doing?


We set an intention to BE what it is we desire rather than to create it from doing the tasks to complete a goal.  Start from the end vision with your intention to BE what you desire NOW.


In the Power of Intention Wayne Dyer describes intention to be “something much greater than a determined ego or individual will.”  He goes on to say that “Imagine that intention is not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy!”


Connecting to this field of energy to be what you desire is always available.  At any given moment.   This connection is created through your ability to stay focused on love, kindness, generosity, and all other higher vibrational ways of being.


When I opened Big Rock Yoga, I had the word “community” placed on the lobby wall.  From the floor to the ceiling.  12 feet BIG! My intention was and still is to create a community of wholehearted people that are connected in their common desires for self-trust, love, and service to others.   My way of being is of community.


In the beginning it would be easy to look at this from a goal-oriented mind and see failure. That the studio community was not growing fast enough.  From one perspective, not enough people to successfully state that community exist. However, when I align with intention I align with abundance. I have an inner view and vibration that the desired way of being is present.  A view that what I desire is present right NOW.  Not later.


When I recognized that community existed with the first person that walked into Big Rock I received expansion.  Big Rock receives expansion each and every time myself, our teachers, and our students discover community for themselves.  In one on one experiences.  In large classroom experiences.  In workshops.  In teacher trainings.  At coffee.  At snowcone outings.  Anytime. Anywhere. Small or large gatherings.


Yes, I saw an end result of a successful yoga studio. AND had a focus on my desired way of being community. From that a community of wholehearted people that are connected in their common desire for self-trust, love, and service to others continues to grow in both expected and miraculous unexpected ways!


Discover intention for yourself.  You do not even have to understand it for you to co-create your own miracles. Patanjali stated, “Dormant forces, faculties, and talents come alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” All through the practice of yoga!


See your end result AND your desired way of being. BE what you desire NOW by shifting your internal view and language through the power of repetitive declarations such as, “Right now I intend to be ________________.” Discover the lightness, brightness of “an invisible field of energy” when you come from a higher vibration now rather than later.


Your goals are still completed through intention.  And even better you are complete, WHOLE from starting with an inner connection to what you truly desired. Co-create miracles from your deeper desired way of being!



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