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Trying Yoga

7.23.14 | By: Catherine Wood Burton

Happy Thursday Big Rock Yoga CommUNITY! This week we are all in for a special treat because the lovely Catherine Wood Burton has created our blog post for the week! When I think of Catherine, I am filled with so much love and sincere joy. She has been such an important part of my life since my yoga journey began in January. She gives the BEST hugs—and has been my “go-to” person for sharing life’s happy and sad moments. The Big Rock community is blessed to have her angel-gypsy-goddess soul. And, I am so thankful and blessed to have her as a friend. Thank you, Catherine. xoxoxo—Callie


I can remember the first time Wendy asked me to "bring your right foot to your right thumb." I remember looking back in my downdog toward that foot and then looking up at my thumb. Nope. There was NO way I was going to gracefully execute what she asked---but I was damn sure going to try. And I did try. Again. And again. Until one day, my right foot no longer drug my mat and I no longer had to take my other hand to help my foot get there.

Yep. That was me a year 1/2 ago. I had only done Yoga X through Beachbody in 2008 and knew nothing about the history, the poses, the language, the culture, the gurus, the social media, and the bystanders watching all of the above wanting to "try" but not knowing where to jump in. You see, I was one of those people and never even realized it.
Fast forward to August 2014 when I began teacher training. Being accustomed to working out solo and being accountable for me was a very different ballgame in a room with up to 20 folks. I had to adjust to the fact what I "tried" on my mat became an accomplishment with a possible audience with a possible cheer topped off with a possible red face from me out of embarrassment. You see, I was and still am not very gifted at receiving. But I am learning.  My language of "I want to try" grew into "I will try" grew into "I am doing." Amazing. Let me state that again because as I am writing it, my arm hairs are standing up. I want---turned into--I will ----turned into---I am.  And my mindset began to change. Not just because I was able to hold a crow higher up on my tricep, or because one day I decided to lift a leg in wheel. There were many days where I was so physically in the "work" that I was not engaging my higher self. Something was off. My mindset began to change on my mat and off my mat when I became actively engaged--physically, mentally and spiritually. Every aspect of learning yoga zinged my core. And fundamentally, that excitement was fueled by the fact that I would practice tomorrow as well. And the next day too. Lifelong. Not a random MLM 90 day program that beat me into submission and made my 45 year old joints go into overdrive. For as long as I inhaled and exhaled.

Trying yoga has become a daily mantra for me. What am I going to try that will actively grow my practice as a student or as a teacher? Does not matter if it is on the mat or off the mat. My heart has a lot to give and my body is eager to learn and receive.  Today, I practiced with more ease than I have in a long time. And, similar to my first time, I got choked up with happy tears in Savasana buzzing with new possibility after receiving exactly what I needed to receive. Thanks, Wendy.

Catherine Wood Burton