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Best of 2014: Who can you be for others this holiday? The healthiest YOU possible!

11.11.14 | By: Wendy Cook

This holiday I choose to be the most JOYfull person I can be.  In the past I have spent more hours than I care to count up on creating to-do lists, over shopping, decorating beyond what is needed, and definitley over eating!  The motivation?  It's painful to admit, but it was to look good.  I was motivated for my holidays to live up to a beautiful magazine picture--a concept!.  I functioned through the holidays with the mis-giving that I am doing it for others--my children and family.  However, the extent at which I over did the holidays was to feel good about my giving.  The giving of my time, talents, and efforts came from what I thought was a good place, however those closest to me were actually left disconnected and I was left overwhelmed.  The opposite of my intention!

When I began to see more clearly that the sum total of my actions was generating an unwanted result, I chose to create a more JOYfull holiday.  I chose to let go of the media concept of what the holidays look like.  I chose to create the holiday I have a vision FOR. My holiday vision includes a healthy body, mind, and spirit that leaves me connected with those in my life.

I more than enjoy pumpkin pie, jalepeno corn casserole, and my favorite peanut butter chocolate fudge!(notice I started and ended with dessert!)   I just don't splurge from Thanksgiving til New Year on a daily basis!  When I chose to give up the busy-ness and create a holiday that is more meaningful for myself the lower stress created action vs. reaction to holiday life...awareness based eating, time for meditation, time on my mat, and most important time for others!

I am excited for a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with my amazing 3 children, parents, extended family, friends and my new Big Rock family!  I could not always see a holiday of ease and peace and am grateful for the shift in vision my yoga practice has brought me.

What is YOUR vision of a JOYfull holiday?  What do you need to give up to create your healthiest you this season?  Bring new possibility into action through clarity and a commitment to daily actions that leave you connected with those most important in your life.  For me, that is the JOY in the hoiidays.

Consider that you are not your past.  You have the choice to create a holiday season like no other holiday season before!

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