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Best of 2018: i woke up like this

1.31.2018 | By: Wendy Cook

a birthday celebration, triple moon visions, and a steadfast resolve...

January 31st is the day I gave life to Big Rock Yoga. It was a thought for years that I toyed with while living in East Texas. It was a plan that I played with while creating visions. It was many small actions that were fun to see come into reality...a logo, a website, a build out at our Rodney Parham studio, and a Grand Opening that began this beautiful journey into new and re-newed relationships in my home town.

In 2014, I worked 20-27 classes a week. Big Rock Yoga had a staff of 4 for 6 months. We had classes with 0-3 students. Teachers and students were all the janitor and took laundry home every night. AND, I had a resolve that was unwaivering for the success of this studio with a mission for yoga to be an empowerment tool for everyone that rolled out a mat, to create a commUNITY of people breathing in movement together, and for each of us to be a person in service to all that we encounter in our daily lives...and for that to spread virally into our global commUNITY!

Today we celebrate Big Rock Yoga's 4th Birthday! It is the by product of my visions and steadfast resolve with the support of commUNITY inside this studio that inspires me beyond anything I could have dreamed. My Leo stubbornness is often not fun for others, but this time it paid off BIG!

To BE resolved:

To be a person that is firmly committed on a course of action.

NOW is the time I reflect: to see myself as I am and as I am not as an individual and a member of a greater society within our world.  Then commit to a course of action that allows me to be a healthier, happier person that has more to give to my local and global commUNITY.

It is traditional for many yoga practitioners to take a cleanse at the time of changing seasons.  As nature changes through winter, spring, summer, and fall, we too have the opportunity to transition through physical fasting and the spiritual practice of meditation.  The practice to physically and spiritually cleanse is aligned to give awareness. From this awareness one has the choice to keep what is working and release what is not. The art of surrendering that which is no longer serving us as an individual, friend, family member, and member of a greater society is the key to transitioning with ease.

I approach the shift from winter to spring much the same way. I take the time through the month of February to be mindful of the cleanse and recharging I need as spring approaches.  I take the time to see myself through the Yamas and Niyamas (yoga’s moral and ethical practices) as I am and as I am not while rooting this reflection in the Yama Ahimsa, nonviolence.  Nonviolence is a necessity for self-reflection to allow acceptance rather than self-criticism.

Acceptance is the ability to see an object as it is and as it is not without judgment. The ability to observe yourself, others, and your environment without judgment is powerfully freeing! Acceptance is the release of resistance. In more practical terms it is giving up a sense of right and wrong. I have learned through the “hard knock life” way that what I resist about myself continues to exist. When I fight an attribute that I see as undesirable it continues to have a life of its own. It is when I accept and surrender that the transition I desire takes place.

The practice of nonjudgement gives me the freedom to see the truth in my life. I did this in February, 2013. I gave myself the space to step back and look at my choices. I looked at my life as a wife and mother of three. I looked at where I lived and how I lived my daily life. I looked at who I supported and where I needed to give more support. I looked at where I was most supported and least supported. I made one of the easiest decisions of my life. I took the leap to find a life of generosity, kindness, and live in relationship where I receive the support that I give to others. With this choice to become aware of what actually existed the decision to create a major change in my life was easy. The work to create the change was work. Personal work to grow as a mother, daughter, and friend. Profesional work as I grew as an enreprenuer. As a family friend says, "That's why they call it work!". Big Rock Yoga is the reward and I am grateful everytime I meet, support, and receive the support back through this dream turned into reality.

As I reflect at this time of year once again, 2017 is not a year I would choose to repeat. Yet I have a gratitude for the “hard knock life” lessons that I learned.  I chose to let go of how I wanted several relationships to exist that I fought hard to keep as I desired.  Eventually the pain was not in letting go, but in the struggle to maintain a connection that lacked essential truth. I’ve forgiven myself and the other persons for our inability to stay and maintain a relationship based on the fullness of love. I accepted the beautiful gifts of spirit that these relationships gave and the pain that resulted as a lack of trust in communication and compromise gave…learned and let go. I choose to take all the gifts of love 2017 gave me. Let go of the attachment to the undesirable outcomes, so I can be of greater service to all the other people in my life including my children, parents, friends, and students within the studio.

I am resolved to be a person of more discernment. I am resolved to continue to grow and evolve. I am resolved to stay heart wide open with my feet grounded on earth while my head is in the heavens. I am resolved to live with an awareness whether everyone in my life impacts me positively or negatively, and choose wisely so that I can make the difference for others I am committed to through 2018.

Tonight we will create vision boards at the studio for the coming year while the moon is in a blue moon, red moon, and super moon in Leo!  "The theme of healing and moving on to a brighter future during the time of the blood moon has been apparent for a while. National Geographic reportsthat the Batammaliba people who now reside in Togo and Benin have a myth that "the sun and the moon are fighting during an eclipse, and the people encourage them to stop." To this day, the total lunar eclipse is seen as a time to resolve feuds and come together. That's a little spirituality and human decency we could all benefit from right now."

If you can see it.

If you can feel it.

You can realize it.

I am Lion hear me ROAR! i woke up like this


If you would like to reflect on your life through the art of acceptance and belong to a group with an intention to support each through all the aspects of yoga, please join Big Rock Yoga for an introduction to i woke up like this on Saturday, February 3rd at our Downtown location. All you need is a willingness to show as you are. No make up. No "hair do". No fuss.

We will create a resolve as a commUNITY of students and leaders committed to supporting each other through coffee, connection, meditation, and self-reflection into our greater purpose in life.(and will highly encourage you to come move and breath with us in weekly classes!)




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