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Best of 2014: Spiritual Tenacity

4.4.14 | By: Wendy

Yoga is a discipline.  It is a practice.  For over a decade  I have been coming to my mat, sitting for meditation, and living in the curiosity of self study.  It has been 12 years of commitment  to cultivate a spiritual tenacity to live from through good and rough times.  It's quite like saving spiritual $$.  Growing interest.  The surplus is there to draw on in challenging times and to have available to CELEBRATE!

"Your success in anything is ultimately a matter of intention...Once you dedicate yourself in this way, you put both feet in, both buns down, and somehow, you have to dig deeper.  You draw out an inner kind of strength and confidence to create your life more powerfully." Baron Baptiste.


want vs. need

There are times that I do not want to come to my mat for practice nor sit for mediation, these are the times that doing what I need creates the spiritual interest.  Doing what I want comes easy and can deplete my spiritual $$.  Doing what I need creates success.  It adds interest!

My successes are sometimes not visual for those around me.  The success I have in my practice towards peace, joy, connection is not always seen externally.  I know when they are present in my day.  I know when they are missing.  

Opening a new studio and building a new community has its outward signs of success.  Classes are growing.  New students are creating strength, vitality, and healthier ways of being.  Friendships are being cultivated.  However, my sense of enjoyment in that success is lost without my commitment to my own practice and mediation.  I do the work, because energy grows where it is focused.  I do the work, because the work creates a relationship with myself that alllows me to relate with the world with a smile on my face...no matter what the world puts in front of me.

My successes on the mat and my commitment to showing up when needed have created many successes off the mat...in life.

It's the commitment to show up...want or want not...do what I need...to grow the spiritual tenacity to show up in life for others!

It is with great JOY that I share my greater purpose with each of you daily through the power of yoga. 


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