Empowered Life


What is an Empowered Life?

Empower is defined as "to give power to someone" and "to promote self actualization".

An Empowered Life is a life lived from the heart with the purpose of becoming everything YOU can and are capable of becoming for yourself, your commUNITY, and the greater world. When simplified, self actualization is to be all YOU can be.  To live life to YOUR fullest potential.  To live a life inspired by YOUR dreams.

So, how do you live life from your dreams?  How do you live to your fullest potential?  The answer to those questions is an even BIGGER question:

 "What is power and how do you access it?"

Empowered Life Coaching will give you the tools to find your answers to these questions from the Big Rock Yoga Methodology  and you will:

  1. Be educated in the areas of well being you need most.
  2. Be inspired into the transformed body, mind, and spirit you dream of. 
  3. Empowered through our team of coaches until YOU ARE EMPOWERED into your fullest LIFE!