The Human Energy Body: Chakras and the Five Koshas

a master workshop series and CE for YA certified teachers


Wendy Cook and Eric Aulicino 

Saturday, October 27th

Wendy Cook and Eric Aulicino are partnering for a Master Workshop series on the subtle energy system of the body through the Chakras and Five Koshas. The series consists of three workshops hosted on Saturday, October 27th. Two of the sessions are intended for both students and certified yoga teachers. One session is intended for YA Certified Teachers only. Students may enroll in individual sessions or both sessions intended for students and teachers. While YA Certified Teachers may enroll individual sessions, they must enroll in all three sessions for CE hours to qualify.

9:00-11:00am  Chakras | open to students and teachers

The Chakra workshop is an introduction to the seven chakra systems in the human body. You will learn the emotional, mental, and physical properties of each chakra through an opening discussion. You will learn and experience the balancing actions of meditation, mudra, and sound vibration associated with each chakra through a 60 minute practice intended for all levels of students. In closing you will have an opportunity to ask questions on the workshop content. 2 hours contact CE for YA Certified Teachers.

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12:30-2:00pm The Five Koshas | open to students and teachers

The Five Koshas workshop will guide through a practice to experience the five sheaths of the subtle energy body. The five koshas exist of the physical body, the energetic body, the mental body, the wisdom body, and the bliss body. The 90 minute workshop will begin with a meditation that will guide you from the outmost layer into the deepest layer of the five koshas. You will then be led through an experience of each layer of the koshas through a physical practice, breath work, and mudras. Each experience is with the intention of your personal knowledge of the five sheaths of the subtle energy body. 1.5 hours contact CE for YA Certified Teachers.

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3:00-5:00pm Teaching and Leading the Subtler Practice of Yoga | open to certified teachers only

Our journey as a teacher is much like that as a student. We begin by teaching in the grosser aspects of movement, breath, and meditation. As our students' practices evolve, so must our teaching to lead them deeper into the subtle energies of the human body. Learn a modern approach to educate and lead your students in public classes and workshops on the subtle energy body. We will discuss the best practices in teaching breath work, meditation, mudras, and vibrational sounds. You will learn to sequence public classes with the intention to balance a specific chakra of your choice. 2 contact hours for YA Certified Teachers.

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5:00-5:30 Intro to 10 NonContact CE Hours | optional for certified teachers that attended the three part series workshop

Your non-contact hours will require you to choose a focus for a 90 minute public class to include physical movement, breath work, a mudra, and a vibrational sound. You will submit your written class on the template provided to you. Wendy and Eric will provide you with feedback to revise any needed adjustments. You will then resubmit the template with the requested adjustments. You will deliver the 90 minute public class and submit a 15 minute video clip of your choice. You will complete a self-evaluation form provided to you and receive feedback on the 15 minute clip. You will have 2 months to complete the listed requirements. Upon completion of final feedback forms 10 noncontact CE hours will be received. 30 minutes contact CE hours for YA Certified Teachers.

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Wendy Cook is an E-500 RYT and a YACEP. Her studentship has expanded over 17 years and she began teaching in 2003. Wendy's experience has included teaching studio classes for 15 years, leading over 10 international and national Teacher Trainings through Big Rock Yoga, executive coaching through the practice of yoga, international yoga retreats, corporate mindfulness projects through Minding Our Business, and mindfulness group therapy sessions in the mental health field. Her passion is introduce yoga at all levels to practitioners to create an increase in overall well-being, a joyfulness for living life, and stronger commUNITY!

Eric Aulicino is 200 RYT and currently completing his 500 Hour RYT and is additionally enrolled in the 800 Hour Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy certification program and is currently performing the KIYT Practicum. Eric's life experiences include a BA from UALR, 10+ years of both active and reserve military service, and over 25 years of international business experience. Eric currently resides in Germany. His yoga practice began with meditation as a teenager. The physical practice was a result of his desire to grow deeper as a student after years of meditation. Eric's 200 RYT Certification and his current Yoga Therapy studies are with The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. He traveled to India to study with his mentor for his ongoing 300 Hour RYT. While he is drawn to an athletic practice, Eric's teaching gifts are that of the subtle body through meditation, breath, and mudras. His passion is for each student to experience themselves as an energy beyond the physical body.

Big Rock Yoga believes that you will experience the balance of Wendy and Eric's yoga experiences and teaching styles to have a deeper knowledge of the subtle body energy. They look forward to sharing their knowledge and time with you!

$40 per session | $50 noncontact CE hours

Big Rock TOWN Yoga!

Big Rock Yoga and Rock Town Distillery

yoga and a cocktail-both created just for YOU!

Last Wednesday of each month 6:00-7:00p class followed by cocktail time

Join a BRY teacher each month as we partner with Rock Town Distillery for a power flow class and a monthly cocktail creation just for YOU! Class is open to everyone 21 years of age and older. Noone under 21 will be allowed to attend.

See below for your change to earn free entrance this September!

$15 includes class and one cocktail.

Trust to Feel Real Power

with Amy Bradley Hole

Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm | Rodney Parham


Have you ever felt betrayed by your own body? Whether it's because of size, gender, color, illness, injury, age, abuse, or more -- too many of us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. This discomfort can lead to self-esteem issues, depression, disease, or worse. And before we know it, we find ourselves in unhealthy cycles. We no longer allow ourselves to see our bodies, or feel them, or even acknowledge their existence. We completely disconnect from our physical presence.


But the good news is, you can break these patterns and return to a state of health and happiness. You can stop thinking of your body as the enemy, and start treating it as your ally. You can reconnect with it, and take delight in how it moves and feels. Through yoga, you can find all the tools for a renewed self trust and connection to real power.


Our “Trust to Feel Real Power" classes will help students address issues related to body image and body awareness. Using a combination of yogic principles, these sessions will lead you to create new habits and new ways of thinking. Imagine being able to move past the negative thoughts and actions that are holding you back from being your best self. When you take the time to “Trust to Feel Real Power,” you'll learn how to do just that.


Classes will include a mix of meditation, discussion, and movement. The physical practice will be energetic, but also accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability, fitness level, or body type. Our staff is available to discuss any acute or chronic health issues with you to determine the best way for you to start your yoga practice. 501-436-9689 or

Included in all monthly memberships and class pass options.