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Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions are to prepare you for your first class to help you start your yoga journey with as much ease as possible and.   The staff at Big Rock Yoga is available through our online comments at the bottom of our home page to answer any questions you may have.

What class is best for a beginner yoga student?

Our Basics yoga class is designed for the new yoga student to build a strong physical foundation and familiarity with our sequence.  All Levels classes are truly for all levels of students to practice together with each honoring their current physical abilities.

How do I sign up for class?

You can sign up for class by going to our schedule page and clicking on the class you choose to attend.  This will direct you to our software, Mind Body Online, where you will create an account to use each time you reserve your space for class.  We will provide you with an ID card when you attend your first class and of course, sign you up if you have any issues with our online process. 

How early do I come to class?

We suggest you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to have time to sign in, store your personal belongings, and roll your mat out in the studio.

How do I prepare?

Drink plenty of water on days you practice hot yoga.  64 oz minimum of water is recommended for the average person’s daily consumption.   Be sure to start your water intake, if you are attending early morning classes before arriving to class.  Eat 90 min or more before class to allow for proper digestion.

What do I wear?

Even in our non heated classes you will create heat and sweat, so we suggest that you wear a fitted tshirt, athletic pants, yoga top, yoga pants, etc.  Most students prefer dry fit fabrics over cotton since they wick the moisture away.

Do I need a mat? What do I bring?

Yes, you need a yoga sticky mat.  We have mats you can rent for $2 and new mats for purchase in our retail supplies.  A hand towel and water bottle are also highly suggested.  Sticky mats become slippery mats as we build the heat and sweat.

Where are my personal belongings stored?

We recommend that you leave all valuables of high worth in a secure place other than the studio.  Shelving and coat hooks are available to store your shoes, jackets, and other personal belongings.  While we take the safety of all your personal items with the highest regard, Big Rock Yoga is not responsible for any personal items you bring to the studio.

Can I bring my cell phone in the studio?

No.  The studio room is a no phone zone.  If you have a personal responsibility that requires the use of your phone, we ask that you take care of it and attend a class that will not interfere with your community as they practice.