1-on-1 Well Being Coaching


Whether you have a specific goal in mind or want to start by identifying what is most important to you, a 1-on-1 educational series will lay the ground work to create the shifts you desire. Students have the option of ongoing 1-on-1 coaching or utilizing these sessions as a foundation for participating in studio classes.

1-on-1 coaching focuses on the following areas:

1-on-1 coaching will be designed to meet your desires and can include personal coaching, self-inquiry work including reading and journaling, physical yoga practice, and meditation with Wendy Cook or a member of the Big Rock Yoga Lead Teachers.

Wendy Cook is a E500 Hour Certified  Teacher that has over a decade of leading others into whole, happy lives through the power of yoga.  See her biography and blogs to learn more of her personal experiences.  She leads others through her experience of personal transformation through yoga.

The Big Rock Yoga Team is a group of teachers certified at a 200 Hour and 500 Hour level. Each teacher is passionate about their practice and leading others into their own individual transformation through the practice of yoga.


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Private Yoga:

Wendy Cook, Executive and Wellness Coaching

E500 RYT

8 session $800

So that you have the most potential to realize your goals and experience success, Wendy only takes clients committed to 4x per month for a minimum of two months. Twice weekly is an option when available.

Senior Staff, Yoga and Wellness Coaching

500 RYT

60 min session:  $70 single session

This is a great way for beginning or experienced students to work with one of our 500 Hour Certified Teachers to learn the basics or play with whatever is your current practice on the mat. Our staff can meet you where you are at schedule and economically. Book for recurring sessions or an individual session as needed.

Staff, Yoga Private Sessions

200 RYT

60 min session: $50 single session

Our 200 Hour teachers can lead you as a beginner or experienced teacher at the most economic rate. These teachers have a passion and education to share with you that will leave you connected and ready for your next class or private session.

All other small group privates are negotiable with the teacher.