300 Hour Teacher Training


Give yourself the CHOICE of creating a 300 Hour Teacher Training that meets what is most important to you as a yoga teacher!

Big Rock Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training is for 200 Hour Certified Teachers that desire to continue their education and self discoveries to become a 500 Hour Certified Teacher. This training is a non-traditional training deeply rooted in the spirit of traditional yoga. Wendy Cook is an E-500 Hour Certified Teacher through Yoga Alliance and a 500 Hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher. She has studied with local and global leaders of yoga to receive two 200 Hour Certifications, a 500 Hour Certification, and completed a 2 year program, FIT to Lead through Baptiste Yoga.

The promise of this program is that you will master the tools and skills necessary to empower students through the practice of yoga. You will personally transform through self discoveries that empower you to lead others into a full life transformation in the areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. This program is designed for you to grow as a student and a teacher through personal experience, so that you can then intuitively lead others into their own growth.  You will transform on your mat and in your life in the areas that are most important to you.

 Big Rock Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training is intended to empower 200 Hour Certified Teachers from all styles of yoga. The tools and skills taught will enhance your chosen style of yoga.

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Enrollment fee $2500 paid in full, or a $500 deposit with 11 monthly payments of $225.

The 300 Hour Big Rock Yoga Teacher Training consists of 4 Core Curriculum modules to be taken over 12-18 months. Each module is offered once annually. Each module consists of 2 weekend modules from Thursday-Sunday as detailed below.


Each module is limited to 10 new trainees!  Enroll Now

*All training must be completed within a 1-2 year time period for consideration of certification

*All participants must already hold a 200 Hour Certification from a Registered Yoga Alliance School


2020 Schedule TBD


 Training Details

What is expected of you?

Students must come fully prepared for the training.  This training requires you to show up 100% for yourself, the training, other participants, and the training staff.  You must attend every session uninterrupted unless otherwise communicated* in advance to the lead trainer.  Communicate clearly with family and friends that you will be immersed in a training and available during your off hours.

What do you need to bring?

2 changes of yoga clothes

mat, block, strap

journal and pen

water bottle, snacks, and the necessary meals for the timeframe  

an open heart and adventurist spirit!!!

Are there any additional expenses?

All accomodations and meals are the responsibility of the trainee. 


The Yoga Sutras by Swami Satchidananda

The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long (vol. 1)

The Key Poses of Yoga by Ray Long (vol. 2)

Possible other readings selected by the lead trainer not to exceed an additional $30 per module. (This has not been used in the past, but leaves room for creativity and learning based on the trainees needs!)